Summit Focus:
Digital Disruption – Harnessing the Power of Digital in a Culture of Change

Taking place in June 2017 the CMO Digital Insight Summit in the US will bring together 60 senior marketing decision makers and business leaders from across America.

Across the marketing sector sophisticated analytics tools are enabling organisations to cut through reams of customer data to deliver valuable insight. Attending executives will be debating the impact these new technologies are having, and what effect they will have on the future of their industry.

Through essential business conversation and extensive networking the event aims to solve key business challenges around marketing strategies and data and analytics.

The key themes of ‘Analytics & Attribution’, ‘The Omni-Channel Approach’ and ‘Marketing Strategies’ form the foundation of the event and permeate every layer of the content-rich program.

From case studies that lift the lid on operations inside the marketing departments of leading organisations, to workshops and collaborative sessions that focus on real challenges and future technology innovations; the CMO Digital Marketing Leaders US 1 Summit provides you with plenty of reasons to engage and network with industry peers.

Three Key Themes for the Event


Managing Digital Content for Modern Marketing


Building Digital Muscle: The Essential Practices and Technologies


Integrating Digital Strategy with Business Strategy

Partnering Companies for the Event Include


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