About Us

GDS International creates engagement opportunities for business, onsite and online.

What does that actually, practically mean? It means we bring senior executives together, face-to-face, at exclusive summits, conferences, and on virtual private roundtables to advance their business for commercial success.

We create tangible business opportunities: networking platforms that help to establish thought leaders, stay in touch with existing partners, and stay abreast of crucial market, technology and regulatory developments.

We want to always be a trusted partner for our clients and our people. We listen to our clients, and use our collective knowledge, skills and products to build viable pipelines for business success.

Most importantly, what we do works. In 2012, a massive 1791 clients gave us feedback on our summit products. 96.1% were satisfied or very satisfied with the summit, and a brilliant 92% would recommend our summits to others (read more about our customer experience).

We may be 20 years old (almost!) and with offices around the world, in Australia, America and the UK. But we treat every client – in every office – as if they are our first. Not in that way.

Our Clients

Here are just a few clients we’ve worked with over the last few months.